Safe Families for Children

Fort Wayne

Blanket Blessings

Blanket Blessings

Thanking God for the ministry of the Jubilee Ladies at Wallen Baptist Church. They make fleece tied blankets to give to each hosted child with us. The smiles on faces of the children as they receive them are priceless. The blankets help to show the Love of Christ in a tangible way that is meaningful to a child.

Recently, a family of 8 lost their belongings in a fire and even the children that we were unable to place received a blanket. This blanket helped them to stay warm at night until their parents could acquire bedding.

Last night, our coach supervisor got a call from a previous placing family of 8 that had just had a flood in their basement and all of their bedding was now wet in the basement laundry room. She and her husband quickly packed 8 Jubilee Fleece blankets into their car and took them to the downtown home just before bedtime last night. The placing mom was in tears when they arrived as the children would have been cold in their drafty home but would now be warmed with these blankets.

So many children have benefited from these blankets, however, in the last 2 weeks, 16 people were able to use these blankets to stay warm! Thank you Jubilee Ladies for your ministry to families in Fort Wayne.